17 August 2023
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Standup Talk – PTF and PSE Canvass Process in Regular eReassign 2/1/22

To all APWU family,
Please be advised that Step 7 of the MOU and Section B.2 on Filling Clerk Craft Residuals and PTF vacancies is now going to be available on eReassign. I need to stress that this is the last Step in the MOU and does not have any effect on the regular monthly 21 day postings of Clerk Craft residuals and PTF vacancies in regular eReassign. Since 2014 there have been ongoing issues with not all the canvassing opportunities being share in all installations. This posting in eReassign will now take this step out of the hands of the individual postmasters.
Our PTFs and PSEs will now have access to the canvassing process in eReassign beginning 2/1/22. Attached is a copy of the mandatory stand-up talk that is being distributed to all bid clusters nationwide.  Canvasses will open on the 1st and 15th of each month and will remain open for 10-days.  Employees are to use their EIN and password to login to eReassign.usps.com, then look for My 50-Mile Canvass. If offices are posted within a 50-Mile radius of your current office, then you will be allowed to apply for that canvass.  If there is an opportunity within a 50 mile radius of the current office, then the PTF and or PSE will be able to apply and then be required to follow the remaining steps in eReassign to complete the process.
The above canvass process is based on the current 2018 CBA language of the MOU on filling residuals found on page 374. Any changes that may be required based on the proposed ratification of the 2021 CBA will be addressed and corrected at the appropriate time.
Please share with your state/local representatives. The local representatives should be sharing with their PTFs and PSEs. A copy of the posting of the canvass opportunities will be shared at the HQ level and then forwarded to the field.
Lynn Pallas-Barber
Assistant Clerk Craft Director
1300 L Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

For more information about Canvass Bullentin Board Stand Up Talk, please click on the flyer below.