APWU is an exciting and dynamic local. Our members are engaged in our goals. We are skilled craft workers who care about success in our workplace and success in our collective efforts to support each member in the labor movement. We are a local of the American Postal Worker’s Union, the world’s largest postal union, representing more than 330,000 USPS employees, and nearly 2,000 private-sector mail workers.

For more than three decades, APWU has fought for dignity and respect on the job for the workers we represent, and for decent pay and benefits as well as safe working conditions. As an AFL-CIO affiliate, the APWU supports the struggle for social and economic justice for all working families.

Depending on their occupation, APWU members belong to the Clerk, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle, or Support Services divisions. Our union is a democratic organization comprised of dues-paying members who belong to approximately 1,600 state and local unions and retiree chapters in every state and territory. APWU officers are directly elected by union members.

Local 78, Oakland is an autonomous organization. However we work with the national union who represents our interest during contract negotiations and in national-level grievances.

If you are not yet a member we would love you to join with us. If you are already a member, please use the resources on this site to your benefit.