28 July 2022
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Additional Function 1 Staffing MOU Leads to 2,404 PSE Conversions to Career

The parties agreed on July 27, 2022 to an additional Function 1 Staffing MOU that will convert 2,404 PSEs in 157 Installations to career status. PSEs “will be converted based on their relative standing on the PSE rolls” within the affected installations. The converted PSEs will become unencumbered full-time regulars in Function 1 in these installations.

Moreover, the MOU also states, “If there are former PSEs in the 157 facilities identified by the Postal Service consistent with the attached table that were converted to full-time flexible (FTF) or part-time flexible (PTF) positions due to the 24-month automatic conversion and placed in Step GG, such FTFs or PTFs will be moved to Step FF no later than September 10, 2022”.

“This agreement is another in a series of staffing MOUs that are securing more career positions and potentially improving service to the public,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “These conversions will be life-changing for the PSEs affected. It’s an outstanding example of the union at work and I salute Industrial Relations Director Charlie Cash and Clerk Craft Director Lamont Brooks for their tremendous work winning this agreement.”

The MOU also includes a list of the 157 affected installations and the number of PSEs that will be converted to career status in each of them. The MOU, the list of installations, and a set of Questions and Answers are attached to this article for access.

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