24 October 2017
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EAP Announcement

The EAP Stands with You After a Disaster
Hurricanes, flooding, wildfires—the last few weeks have
presented a smorgasbord of disasters all over the country.
Nature at its most uncompromising has barreled through
neighborhoods, leaving ruined homes, lost possessions,
perhaps dead or missing pets and people. We are
overwhelmed with images of Houston families waiting to be
rescued by boat, of Puerto Ricans forced to drink river water, of
walls of flame chasing people from their houses in Northern
California. If extreme weather weren’t destructive enough, a
mass shooting took place in Las Vegas as an APWU
conference was getting underway. No one is safe.
EAP clinicians were deployed to all of these disaster sites,
and were gratefully received. The EAP is ideally suited to
provide help for postal workers overwhelmed by anxiety and a
sense of loss. Millions of people will be coping for years with the
after effects of these catastrophes. Postal workers have the
great advantage of being able to draw on EAP resources. If it
all seems like too much to handle, make the call: 1-800-327-
4968. The EAP is here for you!

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