1 May 2018
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Find the Word in the Website – Win $100!!!


1. Starting soon, every month beginning on the first day of the month, our website at www.oakapwu78.org will be holding a contest that will give members of the Oakland Local APWU and Oakland Retiree Chapter a chance to win $100.00.

2. Each week a letter from a word selected by the Research, Development, and Marketing Committee will be found somewhere in the website capitalized and highlighted in red. The 5 letters will be released in the order in which the word is spelled. 2 letters will be found in the website in the fourth week of the month. Eg. Week 1: (B) Week 2: (E) Week 3: (A) Week 4: (C), (H) = BEACH

3. Only APWU Oakland Local 78 and APWU Oakland Retiree Chapter members are eligible to participate.

4. APWU officers, stewards, and News Brief staff are ineligible to participate in the contest.

5. When an eligible member discovers the word, he or she must Email his or her name, address, and word of the month to: apwu78findtheword@gmail.com to entered contest.

6. The deadline to Email the word of the month, your name and address is the first day of the next month.

7. All submitted entries will be entered into a drawing at the next month’s executive board meeting.

8. One name will be drawn among the entries to receive a $100 check. Chances to win are based on the number of entries submitted.

A Research, Development and Marketing Committee Enterprise

Prize money donated by President Fredric Jacobs and Records Secretary Derrick Lee.

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