5 December 2018
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Further Update / George H.R Bush National Day of Observation


The Senior Plant Manager has advised me that administrative leave will be provided for Plant employees for the National Day Of Observance (NDOO) after the peak season (January 4, 2019). Number 10 of the NDOO MOU states that a day of administrative leave must be granted and used within six months of the NDOO (December 5, 2018) or by the end of the Fiscal Year (September 30, 2019), whichever is later. Employees will select the day that they want to use their administrative leave, subject to management’s approval.

The City of Oakland has advised me that all retail offices will be closed on the NDOO. Employees with the NDOO as a nonscheduled workday will be granted a day of administrative leave at a future date.

PSEs are not eligible for the NDOO administrative leave. They get paid for all hours worked on the NDOO.

Fredric Jacobs

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