20 August 2018
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How To Build Your Own Nest Egg

The easiest way to build wealth is through stocks and real estate.  Assuming you are not one of the fortunate individuals to receive a large inheritance or win the lottery, wealth can be built over a period of time by making a few wise financial decisions in your working life. The earlier you begin doing these things, the more capital you will accumulate over time. Through the power of compound interest and dollar cost averaging, you will be amazed on how much capital (money) you will have built up over time. An example of this power can be demonstrated by FERS postal employees who maximize their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and retirement contributions (contribute and receive the maximum agency matching portion). When you add in the increased amount of TSP contributions you can make after reaching 50 years old, some FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System) amass over several hundred thousand dollars to add to their social security benefits and postal annuity in retirement.

More information found in our Nest Egg PDF document:

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