6 February 2013
Regional News
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Post Office Announced End of Sunday Delivery

Buckling to pressure from religious groups the Post Office stopped delivering mail on Sundays in 1912. One year later in 1913 the P.O. introduced Parcel Post and almost killed it until it took action in 1983 to set uniform weight and size standards. “The Postal Service has one heck of a history tinkering with mail service,” says Regional Coordinator Omar Gonzalez.

In 1884 the PO owned the telegraph lines which were privatized three years later. 1942 VMail was introduced that converted letters unto microfilm. In 1957 management shot mail in a missile to Florida. In 1950 mail delivery was reduced to once a day. For a short time in 1957 Saturday mail service was halted because of a lack of funds. That only lasted for a few months. In 1970 Mailgrams were launched with Intel post following 10 years Electronic Computer Originated Mail (E-Com) was initiated in 1982 and died three years later reportedly because computer mail would never catch on [ go figure ! ] “We postal workers as customers must ensure management does not destroy our post office.”

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