22 December 2012
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Ryder Truck Safety Issues

Attention Motor Vehicle Craft Members:

Western Regional Coordinator Omar Gonzalez and National Business Agent Javier Pineres have met with the Postal Service’s Area Safety management twice regarding the Ryder truck safety issues.

I received an email from Omar on December 21,2012, indicating that it was amazing that of all the issues and concerns from all the members in all the Districts, only one (1) 1767 from Oakland made it to the 3rd level of the process. If you have filed a 1767, Omar needs it ASAP!

During the second meeting with Area Safety, management stated that where the Ryder trucks are too big for the stations, local management should work with District Transportation to swap the Ryder trucks for the retrofitted Postal 7 & 11 tons. Also, Local supervisor / manager should work together with drivers to identify the problem stations / stops.

Drivers, please provide your steward with the name and location of any station where the size of the Ryder trucks pose a safety concern. Where there’s a concern, with either the length or the height, please describe the problem / issue. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for our regional representatives to identify the problem spots without our help at the local level. If management fails to cooperate with you, please contact your steward so that we can advise our regional representatives.

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