13 January 2013
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Excessing Event 39951

The Oakland Local was notified on August 1, 2012, that pursuant to Article 12.5.C of the National Agreement, forty (40) level 6 Oakland bid cluster clerks were going to be involuntarily reassigned from the clerk craft and/or the Oakland installation relative to a staffing & scheduling review based on BPI efficiency improvements (Excessing Event 39951).

Yesterday I requested Senior Plant Manager Balwant Grewal to cancel Excessing Event 39951 via the VERA and other reductions of clerks in the Oakland bid cluster since August 1, 2012.

The Senior Plant Manager responded today by informing me that as soon as all the VERA is finalized she would get back with me. APWU Western Regional Coordinator Omar Gonzalez also contacted me today and informed me that most excessing events were going to be modified significantly according to the Postal Service Area office and that he would notify me when the modifications were made.

Fredric Jacobs
Local President