16 February 2017
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Your Health Matters

APWU Members,

You are emphatically encouraged to immediately report all job-related traumatic injuries to your supervisor and on a Form CA-1, even if there is no lost time from work and / or medical treatment involved. Forms CA-1 can be obtained from your supervisor.  Federal law requires your supervisor to complete the receipt of notice of injury attached to each Form CA-1 and that he or she gives the receipt to you for your personal records.

If the injury requires medical treatment, ask your supervisor to authorize medical treatment by use of Form CA-16. You may select the physician of your choice to provide necessary treatment. Take the Form CA-16 and Form OWCP – 1500/HCFA 1500 to the physician you selected.

If your supervisor refuses to give you a Form CA-1 to report your injury, the receipt of notice of injury, and a CA-16, if treatment is necessary, contact your steward or the union office.

Fredric Jacobs

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