1 June 2023
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Your June/July issue of your American Postal Worker Magazine

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New Issue Preview:


What’s ahead for APWU:

We’re kicking off a campaign that demands dignity and respect from postal management so that we can end the short staffing crisis, stop toxic management practices, and keep delivering a strong public Postal Service.

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Officer Columns

Working people, including postal workers, routinely pay taxes. We don’t have  massive write-offs, offshore tax havens, untaxed stock incomes, tax avoidance trust funds, or high-priced lawyers. But the billionaire U.S. oligarchs and corporate America do – all used to evade paying their fair share of taxes. According to Americans for Tax Fairness, 26 top billionaires didn’t come close to the 20-30 percent tax rates postal workers pay… The people who can afford the most pay the least!

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The USPS has never put forth its best effort to protect postal workers from hostile work environments. Employees often experience management failures to resolve cases. They watch management harassers move from one postal facility to another and these cases are often closed as inconclusive. Now an Office of Inspector General (OIG) Report entitled “U.S. Postal Service’s Response to Sexual Harassment Complaints,” shows that training, tracking, and documenting cases have been found to be inconsistent, incomplete, and inadequate.

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To ensure local and state union officials meet Department of Labor (DOL) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax deadlines, the Secretary-Treasurer’s department provides training on how to complete and electronically file the required Labor-Management (LM) report and provides the information and IRS links to assist in electronically filing the IRS 990 report.

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Labor News:

Postal workers were “fired up, and ready to go” on Friday, April 28, to demand dignity and respect on our Workers Memorial Day National Day of Action. As well as rallying, postal workers wore stickers, and filled out surveys to say “Enough is enough!” to a culture of bullying and toxicity from managers that makes our lives miserable, damages morale, and forces dedicated workers out of the service, contributing to a historic level of employee turnover. See pictures from our National Day of Action in April!

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We hope you enjoyed your preview! You can find all this and more in your June/July issue of the magazine. 

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