Retirees: Still in the Struggle

As the baby boomers face retirement, we are still riding that wave of activism as we age. Never assume it’s all over and time for the easy chair. Those who would take our jobs and retirement benefits do not rest and neither should we.

What to do? Join the APWU Retiree Department and become active in our local chapter. For $36 a year, you will be kept informed on issues facing retired postal workers. Best of all, you can get involved at the local level and help bring about needed changes. This is crucial – with the efforts being made to privatize the post office we must fight back to save it.

Come and check us out. We meet every third Tuesday of the month at 11:00 am. You’ll hear the latest postal gossip before we get down to business. We need you. We can win this battle and keep our local post offices open. All while making new friends.

Juanita Boles
Director Legislation, Oakland Local Retiree Chapter

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