6 February 2013
Regional News
Comments: Comments Off on PMG PLANS TO END 6 DAY MAIL DELIVERY


The PMG’s announcement of his plan to “transition” delivery service has set the media into a frenzy. Trying to make the cut a positive spin by advocating a strong package business the PMG also claims management will work closely with unions to ensure a smooth transition. The PMG claims the cut will save about $23 billion a year when fully in place and further claims research shows that 7 out of 10 American’s support the cut. The PMG also claims ending 6 day mail delivery does not require the support of Congress. The support that apparently counts is that of his bosses on the USPS Board of Governors. But not all mail delivery will be halted as the plan calls for continued delivery of parcels. Despite the fact that mail will not be picked up or processed until Monday the PMG still claims customers will have the same access to products and services at Post Offices that are “currently” open on Saturdays.

Reaction Swift
While Democratic Senator Carper voiced disappointment in the PMG’s plan , Republican Congressman Issa and Senator Coburn were quick to applaud the PMG’s announcement calling it a “common sense approach” in a letter to congressional leaders. APWU National President Cliff Guffey issued a statement condemning the decision to eliminate Saturday mail delivery which only deepens the Postal Service’s congressionally manufactured financial crisis. The NALC National President Rolando seeks to have the PMG step down! “Leave it postal bosses to raise postage and a few months later cut service,” said Regional Coordinator Omar Gonzalez. The Coordinator questions just how USPS projects saving $2 billion while still making street deliveries . “It looks like a way of getting around Congressional over site said Gonzalez. Warily. “Another thing, management’s talking points make it clear that mail processing will be impacted. So it is not just the so called last mile that will be impacted Function 1 operations will be altered like never before,” said Omar. “Add the fact that under Network Rationalization overnight 1 class mail is delayed two to three days, now there will be another two day delay so that 1st class service will amount to a 3rd class reality”, he said.

Media Spin
The PMG’s move has created a whirl wind of media activity with most trumpeting the PMG’s mantra that USPS loses $25 million a day. Most media outlets are pointing to the internet as the culprit ,only a few are reporting on the real mess created by Congress under the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. Survey’s conducted by some news outlets reveal a 62% plus support for the delivery cuts. “Like any survey it is the way the question is posed that results in the response. But, millions still rely on the mails,” said Gonzalez.

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